Saturday, June 9, 2012

New world record carp at 101 lb 4oz

New WR carp @ 101 lb 4oz
On June 2nd a new world record carp was captured at Euro Aqua, a fishery in Hungary.

The huge mirror carp is the first fish ever to break the magic 100lb mark.

Last week Austrian angler Roman Hanke hooked a monsterfish weighing more than 46 kilograms, or 101 lb 4oz, breaking the previous world record carp of Les Graviers of 99lb.

Euro Aqua is a  27 acre private fishery run by Austrians near the renown Balaton Lake in Hungary.

According to the lake owners this mirror carp could reach a 110lb weight, or 50+ kg, in a couple of years.

Roman Hanke with the new world record carp (via Euro Aqua)
The private Lake, that only accepts a limited number of anglers that have to be accepted as members first, is home to a great number of huge carp.

Earlier this year a first 40+ kg carp was captured, along many fish over 30 kg.

For a full week of fishing, if of course you're allowed to as a member, you will pay 700 euros.

Karpervissen in Frankrijk locaties weergeven op een grotere kaart

Check out the location of Euro Aqua right here or visit the website (in German).

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