Carp fishing holiday in France | Domaine des Gerris

The Domaine des Gerris is a new fishery just below Clermont-Ferrand in central France

Since the summer of 2016 you can fish for carp at this former gravel pit.

Carp fishing at Lac de Lavacourt | Public water France

The 120-hectare Lac de Lavacourt is a stone's throw from Paris, and is also known as the St. Cassien of Paris because of the many heavy carp. 

Officially it is apublic water , but in reality Lavacourt (also called Etang de Moisson) with its mandatory reservation looks like a fishery.
However, the rates are much lower than the average paid fishing water in France.

Carp fishing at Lac de Sarrans in France

The Lac de Sarrans with a total surface of 1,000 hectares one of the largest lakes in the Aveyron region of France. 

Night fishing is allowed in the public waterwith many spectacular carp.

The reservoir has a continuous supply of new carp by kilometers of the river Truyère.

Carp fishing at Lac de Venables in France

The 90-hectare Lac de Venables is a wonderful public water with great carp fishing possibilities west of Paris. 

Like many waters in the area this is also a former quarry which is directly linked to the Seine river

Carp Fishing on the river La Vézère in France

Not far from the Dordogne Riverin France you can find the less known Vézère river.

Just as in the Dordogne and Lot rivers night fishing is allowed and there are many beautiful carp spot along the banks of this public water.

Carp Fishing on Grand Lac de Laffrey | Public water France

France has many beautiful carp fishing spots. One of them is Grand Lac de Laffrey near Grenoble. 

This public lake is located just below an altitude of 900 meters. This magnificent public waterin the south-east of France is known for its high average catch weight.