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Carp fishing records per country

The current world record carp is 99lb, caught in France in 2010 ( Les Graviers ) Below you can find some other current country carp records GERMANY 87 lb 3 oz, former world record common carp, caught on a private lake by Nermin Caro in 2010 ( Mary ) BELGIUM 82lb 5 oz, V-kanaal, Peter Kuppens, 2009 (The Big One) 82lb, 25-hectare lake, Marc Pansar, 2009 (De Mohikaan) ENGLAND 67lb 14 oz, Conningbrook, Ozz Holness, 2008 (Two Tone) HOLLAND 69lb 3oz, Nieuwkoopse Plassen, Joop Butselaar, 2000 ITALY 76lb, Po rivier, Massimo Mantovani, 2006 SPAIN 76lb 15 oz, Embalse del Negratin/Zujar, 2008 SOUTH AFRICA 63lb 15oz, Klaserie Dam, Hennie du Preez ROMANIA 82lb 3oz, Raduta Meer, Christian Baldemair, 1998 MOROCCO 73,85 lb, Bin-el-Ouidane, a German angler, 2010 (Paulette) WORLDRECORD CARP WOMEN 72,82lb, Abbey Lakes, Sandra Claessen, 2009 Soon more country records will be added to this list!


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