World record common carp broken in Germany

In Germany the world record common carp was broken for the second time in 2009. German angler Nermin Caro caught the huge common carp, nicknamed 'Mary' at an impressive 86lb 60z.

The 33-year old Nermin caught the same fish that made his brother Emir Caro world carp record holder back in 2007. De new world record common carp was caught on a secret private lake in Germany. Only a few lucky people are allowed to fish here every year.

Nermin got inspired by the numerous pictures of Mary on the wall of his brother's house and asked if he could give it a shot fishing the private lake. After a long time, being refused to the lake several times, Nermin finally got a phonecall that he was welcome to the private lake to try and catch the recordcarp Mary.

After a first onsuccesful try Nermin decided, advised by his brother, to move to another spot with much deeper water levels. On the new peg Nermin started a feeding campaign of two weeks.

When he started fishing the new spot he lost a huge carp on day four. Another week later the new world record common carp Mary was caught in the afternoon (at 14:40 pm) at a weight of 86lb 6oz.

It was the second time in 2009 that the world record common carp was broken by the same German record carp Mary. In juni German angler Dieter Markus Stein caught Mary at a weight of 85lb 9oz.

The common carp was caught on a snowman hookbait, made out of a 26mm Dynamite Baits Red Fish boilie with a 15mm pop-up. The current British carp record Two Tone (67lb 14oz) was caught with the same snowman hookbait.


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