New world record carp for Dutch woman

Dutch female angler Sandra Claessen has caught the new world record carp for women on november 30th on the French fishery Abbey Lakes.

The huge mirror is actually the new lake record with a weight of 72,82 lb.

Together with her boyfriend Nikki Henke a three day fishing session at Heron Lake (one of the lakes of Abbey Lakes/Etang les Abbayes) resulted in the record catch on november 30th.

Earlier this year a French angler caught the previous Abbey Lakes carp fishing record with a mirror weighing just a little bit less (33kg vs 33,1 kg).

Sandra's record catch actually is the new world record carp for women. Although not officialy registered, it seems like this mirror carp is the new world record.

In 2006 a British woman caught a 62,6 lb common carp in France, which was at the time te new female world record.

Abbey Lakes is known for it's big carp, mainly mirrors. The biggest fish are caught in the Heron and Renard (Fox) Lakes.

Check out the map below for the exact location of Abbey Lakes.

Karpervissen in Frankrijk locaties weergeven op een grotere kaart

More information about fishing on Abbey Lakes can be found on the official website.


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