World record common carp Mary caught at 87lb 3oz

world record common carp germanyThe world record common carp was broken again om May 27th in Germany by the same fisherman who caught the record fish, nicknamed Mary, in September 2009.

Nermin Caro, sponsored by Dynamite Baits, broke the record with a huge common of 39,2 kg.

Nermin Caro caught Mary on a secret German private water on May 27th at 2 p.m. after fishing at the recordlake for only 20 hours.

Just in September Nermin caught 'Mary' at the previous record weight of 86lb 6oz. Now he caught Mary again at an even bigger weight of 87lb 3oz.

world record common carp

Nermin Caro with the new world record common carp Mary

In the meantime the record was hasn't been caught, and Nermin lured it with a new 'top-secret' boilie, attached on a snowman hookbait, from Dynamite, that will be for sale later this year.

The current world record carp, a mirror carp, was caught in January 2010 at the renown French Rainbow Lake near Bordeaux.


Anonymous said…
What a huge fish, does anyone know where it is caught, or is this top secret?


Unknown said…
Marry and Joe, those two fish lives somewhere in Germany! I don't know name of the lake.
Johnny said…
Joe has been caught at 36,3kg by Nermin Cara as well check out here

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