World Carp Classic 2010 results

The World Carp Classic 2010 was held again at Lac de Madine in France this year.

An English team won the event, also know as the world championships of carp fishing. The biggest fish caught this year was 27,4 kg.

With a total weight of 216.2 kg, George Csonka and John Roberts, fishing for England, won this year's World Carp Classic, held from September 6th to 11th at Lac de Madine in France.

The second place was for a Czech team, followed by another British team in third place.

1. George Csonka en John Roberts (216.2 kg / 19 fish)
2. Miroslav Poupa en Pavel Kratky (161.1 kg / 16 fish)
3. Garry Wright en Tony Stray (100.6 kg / 6 fish)

The first carp this year was a 5,6 kg mirror carp, caught on Monday at 16:25 local time. The event started Monday at 14:00 and ended on Saturday September 11th.

During The 2010 World Carp Classic, a total number of 169 carp was caught, including a mirror carp of 27,4 kg, which was this year's biggest fish. Last year the WCC record was broken with a 28,9 kg mirror carp.

This year 15 carp were weighing more than 20 kg, including specimen carp of 26,4 kg and 24,1 kg. The biggest common carp caught during the WCC 2010 was 18,3 kg.

Karpervissen in Frankrijk locaties weergeven op een grotere kaart
The lake record for Madine (see map above) still is 31 kg.

Check out a short youtube clip of the event, including pictures of the 27,4 kg mirror.

Check out the official WCC website here.


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