New carp records for Abbey Lakes and Gigantica

The carp fishing lake records for both Abbey Lakes and Lac Gigantica fell recently.

Lot's of records were broken at Fisheries in France this year, including those of renowned waters like Abbey Lakes and Gigantica.

The Abbey Lakes record was broken again with the capture of 'Shoulders' at 79,5lb. British angler Kevin Turner caught the mirror carp on October 27th during the Force Carp Classic.

Shoulders was caught earlier this year, in April, at Abbeys Heron Lake, weighing in at 75lb.

Another lake record fell at Gigantica, the fishery of Korda owner Danny Fairbrass.

The mirror carp nicknamed The Giant was caught recently at 75lb by a British angler, and just recently Korda's Ali Hamidi caught another mirror, The Single Scale, at 70lb 8oz. Right now there are three fish over 70lb on Gigantica.


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