New word record common carp Mary caught @ 40,2 kg

German angler Markus Pelzer caught the new world record common carp 'Mary' at 88,7 lb on October 12th, breaking the former WR common carp 'The Generals Mate' from Les Teillatts.

Pelzer caught the well known common carp nicknamed Mary on October 12th on a German private lake, weighing in at 88,7 lb (40,2 kg), breaking the world record.

It's the first time that a German carp passes the 40 kilo mark, which of course means it's the biggest carp ever caught in Germany.

With Pelzer's capture, Mary once again is the world's biggest common carp ever caught. On May 27th 2010 Mary was caught by German angler Nermin Caro at a record weight of 39,6 kg (87lb 3oz).

In June 2010 British angler Roger Hanley broke this record with The Generals Mate of Les Teillatts at 88lb 2oz.

This former world record common carp now is broken again by Mary at 40,2 kg.


Carpking said…
There's a girl and here name is Mary

Ai ai ai ai ai jaiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Great fish, there are only a few monstercarp in the world, and this is one of them. Wow....
Administrator said…
It seems that Markus Pelzer broke his own common carp with Mary again this summer with 40,4 kg, or 89lb+.

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