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Webshop carp fishing is online!

This week we started our carp fishing webshop with This enables you to buy everything you need for carp fishing: books, dvd's, rods, reels, bivvys, landing nets and many more products..

Dutch carp record broken after 10 years

According to several Dutch websites a new carp record was caught recently, breaking the previous record carp from 'De Nieuwkoopse Plassen' from 2000 . The huge common carp was captured at 32,5 kg (71,65lb) at an undisclosed location in The Netherlands.

Benelux carp fishing record broken with 82,56lb mirror

Once again the Benelux carp fishing record was broken on May 20th by Dutch angler Bart Voeten. The huge mirror 'De Mohikaan' (The Mohican) was caught at a new record weight of 82,56lb, just enough to break the previous carp record for Belgium.

First World Catfish Classic won by Dutch team

The very first World Catfish Classic was won by a Dutch team, catching a total weight of 268,3 kg during the 3-day event in the Spanish Ebro-river. The biggest catfish caught during the competition was 91 kg.