Webshop carp fishing is online!

This week we started our carp fishing webshop with Amazon.co.uk.

This enables you to buy everything you need for carp fishing: books, dvd's, rods, reels, bivvys, landing nets and many more products..

We selected the best carp fishing products available at Amazon.co.uk. Check out the latest offers, including renown brands like Nash Tackle, Shimano, Shakespeare, Fox, JCR, Korda, Starbaits and DAM.

Currently we have listed all offers for the following categories:

- Books
- DVDs
- Bait Boats
- Combis & Sets
- Rods
- Reels
- Rod Pods
- Carp chairs and bedchairs
- Bivvys
- Landing Nets
- Carp bait & Boilies
- Clothing & Accessoires

Please visit our special webshop with Amazon.co.uk and check out te latest carp fishing product offerings!


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