German team wins World Carp Classic 2011

A German team has won the 2011 World Carp Classic held at Lac de Madine in September.

The winning total weight was 832lb (377,6 kg) and a record number of 20kg+ carp were captured this year.

A total of 20 carp weighing more than 20 kg were were taken this year at Lake de Madine, hosting the World Carp Classic nog for the fourth consecutive year.

This year's edition, that was held between 5 and 11 September, was won by Germans Jens Gassen and Thomas Muller, who managed to take in a total weight of 377,6 kg (832lb), as well as the price for biggest fish with a 21,5 kg mirror carp.

A British team ended second with a total weight of 273lb, followed by a team from Romania (226lb), that did manage to capture five 20+ kg carps during the weeklong event.

A total number of twenty carp weighing at least 20kg were captured during this year's WCC, breaking the previous record for number of twenties caught.

A Romanian team first took the price for biggest fish, but was disqualified later after breaking a number of rules set by the organisation of the World Carp Classic. This same team was leading the event with the biggest total weight, before being expelled from the competition, leaving the WCC overall title and biggest fish title to the German Team.

This year's World Carp Classic had a total of 260 participants, coming from 27 different countries. The winning team took home 10.000 pounds in cash money.

During the event a total number of 123 carp were caught, with an average weight of 30lb. Six 50lb+ carp were captured, as well as 38 carp of at least 40lb, most of them being mirror carp.


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