New Benelux carp fishing record 88lb

Once again the carp record for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg has been broken with a Belgian mirror carp of 40kg (88lb 2oz).

The Mohikaan was captured this October at a new record weight on a public water in Belgium.

The new record carp was caught by Belgian fisherman Kurt van Cauwenbergh of Exclusive Baits on the semi-public water called the 25-hectare lake in Belgium.

This same mirror carp nicknamed De Mohikaan was captured several times in the last couple of years, breaking the Benelux record at a new weight record each time. The last registered capture of the monster fish dated from May 2011, when it was landed at a new record weight of 82lb 5oz.

This time this record was smashed with a new capture of De Mohikaan at 88lb 2oz (40kg). The big question of course is if this huge carp can grow to an official new world record weight. Given the impressive gain in weight this year anything seems possible.

Earlier in 2011 also the Dutch carp record was finally broken after more than 10 years. Check out everything about this story here.



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