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New Rainbow Lake common carp record

The popular Rainbow Lake near Bordeaux in southern France keeps on producing record fish. The last couple of months several 80lb+ fish were caught, including a new common record at 88lb.

New Benelux common carp record 85lb 4oz

Recently a new record common carp was set in Belgium, with the capture of a huge specimen carp nicknamed The Big One at 85lb 4oz. The huge common also is the new official Benelux common carp record.

Abbey Lakes carp record now 83lb 6oz

The carp record for the well know French fishery Abbey Lakes near Paris has been improved once again with the same fish. The mirror carp Shoulders was captured at a new record weight of 37,95 kg by Belgian angler Hans Schoenmaekers.

World record carp The Scar landed at 92lb

The current world record carp The Scar was captured at a weight of 92lb by a British angler at Les Graviers in France. The big question remains when the 100lb barrier wil be broken.