Abbey Lakes carp record now 83lb 6oz

The carp record for the well know French fishery Abbey Lakes near Paris has been improved once again with the same fish.

The mirror carp Shoulders was captured at a new record weight of 37,95 kg by Belgian angler Hans Schoenmaekers.
Like many French fisheries Abbey Lakes is known for one of it's biggest residents, a mirror carp nicknamed Shoulders. Since at least 2009 this mirror has been caught on a very regular basis, reaching bigger weights all the time.

Early December 2011 Shoulders was captured a reported two times, first at the new record weight of 37,95 kg (83lb+) by a Belgian angler, followed only a few days later on December 5th at a weight of 36,8 kg by a Swedish angler.

With his capture Hans Schoenmaekers from Belgium (see picture) now is the new Abbey Lakes record holder, completing a long list of previous recordholders with the same fish Shoulders.

The record catch was made on Etang du Héron at swim #8.

Check out more about Abbey Lakes right here.


Menno said…
The Abbey Lakes record again was broken with the capture of Shoulders at 83lb 12oz.

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