New Dutch carp record now 80lb

The Dutch carp record has been broken once again, this time with a fish that resides in both Belgium and The Netherlands.

De huge common carp known as The Big One is a former record for Belgium and now the new Dutch record at 80lb.

The Dutch carp fishing record was finally broken last year after a decade with a 71lb 6oz common carp in 2011, breaking the former record of Joop Butselaar dating back to 2000 at 69lb.

Now just a year later the Dutch record was broken again, and this time it's a familiar carp that is the record breaker.

The common carp The Big One was the Belgium carp record back in 2011 for a short while at 85lb. This huge fish was captured in de v-kanaal near the Dutch/Belgian border.

Now of course this same fish was landed by British angler Derek Harrison at a new Dutch record weight of 80lb, almost 9lb more than the 2011 Dutch Carp record.

British angler Derek Harrison with the new Dutch carp record at 80lb
Het 56 year old Harrison finally got the hard to cath Big One after hunting the specimen carp for no less than 8 years.

His capture of The Big One at least places him on the Dutch carp record list and chances are that it's going to take a long time before this record will be broken again.

UPDATE: This fish actually was caught in Belgium, so its not a new Dutch record!


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