Night fishing no longer allowed at St. Cassien

Bad news for all carp fishing fans in France, since nightfishing is no longer allowed at the renown St. Cassien Lake in southern France.

Anglers leaving their garbage and using the environment as a public toilet are part of the problems.
On May 5th the local authorities have decided to disallow all night fishing at Lac de Saint Cassien starting this summer.

After years of complaints of angry locals, the night fishing ban is finally put into place. Besides leaving their mess at the spot and using the fishing spots as public toilets, fishermen also ignored the ban on public fires during the hot summer season, increasing the risk of forest fires.

Another big problem was the fact that foreign touroperators occupied the best spots for weeks on end for their clients. Of course this is absurd for a public water and this situation caused the authorities to ban night fishing at Cassien.

Also it seems that prostitutes are showing up at the Lake since this summer. French daily Var Matin reports that several ladies are offering their services right next to the Cassien Lake. The local mayor now is trying to ban the prostitution between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Read the article (in French) right here.


Cassien News said…
Hi The ban is not in place!!

Night Fishing continues as normal

Ive spoken to the Guards on 3 occasions and they have informed they dont want a ban.

Nothing is set in place.

People have been Night fishing from the start of the open season in September.

The prostitutes have worked at the bottom of the South arm for year.
Gendermarie allow it!

Var Matin published a article praising profesional fisherman for looking after the lake.

Pointed the fingers at the 500,000 tourist who come to the lake for day Visits and leave behind all kinds of waste due to there short stay.

The fishermen who come to Cassien are mostly serious and bring shovels and keep Cassien clean.

I am a local and everything this year that is being said is been blown out of proportion including what you are saying.

Cassien is open to Night fishing and is clean and looked after.

The waste comes in the summer months


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