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Mary world record common carp again at 91lb 6oz

Once again the huge German common carp Mary is the new world record common carp. The capture by Mario Winnekes comes just two weeks after the world record was broken by Eric's Common at 91lb.

World record carp women now 84lb 5oz

In a record breaking month the latest news came from Abbey Lakes, where biggest carp Shoulders was captured at a record weight of 84lb 5oz by Lizette Beunders. The Dutch angler now is the new world record holder for women.

New world record catfish from Italy's Po river 117,5 kg

The world record wels catfish apparently seems to be broken with a 117,5 kg specimen from Italy's Po river. The 258lb catfish breaks the former record of 250lb 5oz from the same Po river of 2010.

New world record common carp from Rainbow Lake 91lb

With the capture of Eric's Common from Rainbow Lake in France at 91lb, the former world record common carp is now officially broken. The record breaking angler is the person the fish was named after years ago, Eric Smith.