World record carp in fishing competition broken

On April 24th the world record carp captured during an official fishing competition was broken in France.

At public water Graviere de Longeville near the French alpes, a 34,9 kg mirror carp was landed.

During an enduro organised by local GR Carpe Rhône-Alpes French fisherman Alain Marron managed to catch a 34,9 kg mirror carp, breaking the former record carp captured during an official competition of 31,5 kg, dating from 2012.

Graviere de Longeville is known for it's huge and strong fighting carp, with an average weight of 15+ kg. A relative large number of fish actually surpasses 25 kg.

The lake is located near the town of Varambon, and with 55 hectares also called the 'little Saint-Cassien' because of the shape of the lake.

Check out the location on the map of France right here (Dutch website).


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