World record brace of carp at Euro Aqua

In September British angler Warren Harrison captured two huge fish in 24 hours at Hungarian record water Euro Aqua.

Two mirror carp weighted a combined 181 lb, breaking the world record brace of carp.

Euro Aqua is best known for the world record carp, captured at 101 lb in 2012.

In September British angler Warren Harrison managed to capture a couple of huge fish at the popular venue, including 87lb and 94lb mirror carp.

With the combined weight of 181lb this is a new world record of brace for carp.

Apart from the brace record Harrison also managed to catch the biggest common carp ever for Euro Aqua with a weight of 90lb.

Warren Harrison with his 90lb common carp from Euro Aqua
That's still 10lb shy of the current world record common carp, captured at French fishery Etang La Saussaie at 100 lb 7oz in 2013 bij Colin Smith. This fish was found dead a couple of months later.

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