Italian carp fishing record broken with 39,5 kg common

Italian angler Riccardo Fanucchi has broken the carp fishing record for his country with the capture of a huge common carp of 87lb (39,5 kg).

The old record carp for Italy dated from 2006, with a 76lb carp from the Po river.

Fanucchi managed to land his record breaking common carp on Lago Di Salasco, a private water in northern Italy, located between Milan and Turin.

With a weight of 39,5 kg, the old record was broken by a full 5 kg. The old record dated from 2006 when Italian angler Massimo Mantovani captured a 76lb specimen on the well know Po river.

Riccardo Fanucchi with the new Italian carp record of 39,5 kg (source: Facebook)
Check out some of the awesome pictures of Fanucchi with his common carp from the Facebook page of Lago Di Salasco above.

For the full list of carp fishing records for Europe check out our carp records list. (if you have any updates or information about new carp records, please let us know!)

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