The Parrot new UK carp record at 68lb 10z

This month the British carp fishing record was broken for the first time since 2008 with the capture of 'The Parrot' at a record weight of 68lb 1oz.

The well known mirror carp The Parrot from Cranwells Lake, Wasing, was widely regarded as the prime candidate to break the former UK carp record from 2008, Two Tone, captured by Ozz Holness.

It was indeed The Parrot that took the new record weight this week, with Dean Fletcher from Wokingham capturing the huge carp at 68lb 1oz, just enough to break Two Tone's 67lb 14oz record weight from 2008.

The BBC reports that Mr Fletcher, a greengrocer, said he caught the fish within an hour of fishing at the lake on the evening of Wednesday 13 January. After being weighed, the carp was then released back into the water.

He said: "I'd been after this fish for three years. It's all I ever talked about - it had become a bit of an obsession." The recordings from the catch will be now be sent to the Angling Trust for verification.

Check out all the carp fishing records per country right here.

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