New common carp record for UK

This month a new UK carp record was set with the capture of a 60lb 4oz common carp.

Steve McNeil managed to land the well known 'Lee Jackson' fish at a record weight.

The Strawberry Fields day ticket water in Kent already held the common carp record for the United Kingdom, with a.o. the capture of a 56lb specimen in 2012.

This month it was probably the same fish that was captured by Steve McNeil (see picture, via Anglers Mail) at Strawberry Fields at a new UK record weight of 60lb 4oz, as reported by Anglers Mail this week.

McNeil's huge carp, nicknamed 'Lee Jackson' is the new record common carp for the UK. The overall record still stands at almost 68lb.

It is Ozz Holness was the long time record holder with the mirror carp Two Tone that he captured back in 2008. This fish has died a couple of years ago.

Over the years several big carp have been named as a possible new UK carp record. One of them is the well known mirror carp nicknamed 'The Parrot'. This huge fish was landed several times the last couple of years weighing over 64lb and currently is the biggest known carp alive in the UK.

In January this year the overall UK carp record was broken with the capture of The Parrott at 68lb 1oz by Dean Fletcher.

Source: Anglers Mail

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