39.7 kg carp 'Scarface' from Rainbow Lake captured

rainbow lake france common carp
In December 2016 one of the most sought after fish from renown French fishery Rainbow Lake was landed at a record weight of almost 40 kg (87lb 8oz).

The huge common carp nicknamed 'Scarface' was captured by German angler Nils Oetjen (Successful-Baits) at a record weight of 39.7 kg (see video below).

Rainbow Lake near Bordeaux in southern France is known for its huge carp, drawing anglers from all over Europe to fish there and land one of the prized fish.

The record carp for Rainbow lake is a 94lb mirror carp that was caught by British angler Martin Locke, who later also pulled it off to capture the biggest common carp weighing in at 84lb.

Another big common carp nicknamed 'Eric's Common' later broke the common carp record with a record weight of 92lb.

If you want to fish on Rainbow Lake you better make a reservation on time, because there is a long waiting list. Find out more about this great carp lake on the Rainbow Lake website.

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