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Carp fishing at Lac de Vassivière | Public water France

The magnificent 1,000 hectare Lac de Vassivière is a beautiful  public water  central France.  In 1950 a dam was constructed creating the immense Vassivière Lake, which is known as a difficult water with a record carp of 30 kg. The average catch weight for carp is about 10 kilograms.

Carp fishing at Lac de Lacanau | Public water France

The beautiful  public water  Lac de Lacanau in southern France near Bordeaux offers a good number of big carp. The lake contains nearly 2,000 hectares of water with fish known for their fighting spirit. France of course has many big public waters, many of which are located in the northern part of the country. Deep in the south, near the famous (pay water)  Rainbow Lake  near Bordeaux, is Lac de Lacanau, in particular that will be familiar to many tourists.

New common carp record for Romania weighs 34,65 kg

Recently the common carp record for Romania was broken on Monster Carp Lake. Romanian carp angler Cristi Olaru managed to land a beautiful 34,65 kg specimen (76lb 4oz) nicknamed 'Dynamite'.

Carp Fishing on Pareloup Lake | Public water France

Lac de Pareloup is a huge public water of 1290 hectares, the fifth largest artificial lake in France.  Night fishing is allowed on this magnificent  public water , which contains may big carp with fish over 25 kg. Pareloup is located in the south of France, situated slightly above the two big cities of Montpellier and Toulouse in the beautiful Aveyron region.