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A huge Lavacourt mirror (source: bouclesdeseine)
The 120-hectare Lac de Lavacourt is a stone's throw from Paris, and is also known as the St. Cassien of Paris because of the many heavy carp. 

Officially it is a
 public water , but in reality Lavacourt (also called Etang de Moisson) with its mandatory reservation looks like a fishery. 
However, the rates are much lower than the average paid fishing water in France.

The Lac de Lavacourt, also known as étang de Moisson-Mousseaux, has provoked much discussion in the past among anglers. Officially, this 120-hectare carp water, located along the Seine River, is a public water. However a small fee has to be paid by anglers for a carp session.

The Lac de Lavacourt is a former quarry, of which many are found around Paris. It is located right next to the Seine more today mainly used for water sports and by carp anglers. 

Carp fishing is allowed on all the water that a total of 25 sites that all has a private stretch of 100 meters. According to experts, the best sites are located in the middle on the left opposite the pontoons or no. 10, 5 and 1 (see map below).

Lac de moisson
The 25 fishing spots of the Lac Lavacourt / Etang the Moisson
The water on the Lac Lavacourt varies in depth and varies from 4.5 meters to 6 meters distributed over the whole lake. There are some upper pieces that provide beautiful baiting areas. 

Catches remain very good with lots of fish (according to some sources even more than thirty) greater than 20 kg, and an absolute record carp of nearly 32 kg , which incidentally was caught years ago. 

The heaviest common carp caught in Lake Lavacourt, according to our information, currently is 21 kg. 

A recent update shows that in recent years "many" fish of 25 kg or heavier were caught, resulting in Lavacourt / Moisson also being nicknamed 'the Saint-Cassien of Paris, referring to the legendary Public water in southern France. 

But the water is known as a difficult or even very difficult, so give serious consideration to a blanking session. 

There is much confusion about this as a public water which effectively is a paid fishing water. However, the rates are much lower compared to a traditional fishery with a week of fishing (including nights) for just 65 euros. Each day you pay 11 euros for a spot.

If desired, can also opt for a subscription, with an entire carp fishing season for a price of 210 euros. A half year will cost you 125 euros. If desired a boat can be rented for 17 euros per day or 68 euros for a whole week.

Carp Fishing in France locations Show on map

Night fishing is allowed, as is the use of bait boats. Reservations are required with the French operator of the Lac Lavacourt. More information can be found on the French website of the landlord. 

The Lac de Lavacourt is easily accessible from the Netherlands and the UK. On the above map from our Dutch website Lavacourt is situated at the blue dot at the top left of Paris. 

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