Carp Fishing on the Dordogne River in France

Dordogne river carp fishing spots in France
Trémolat near the Dordogne River  (click for detailed map)
The beautiful Dordogne river in France is known for its great carp.

Along the river are many quiet and easily accessible sites for fishing for carp.

In particular we take a look at the popular fishing spot near the town of Trémolat.

What is better than fishing for carp on a river in France?

The Dordogne River is loaded with beautiful carp and can be fished from many locations. One of them lies in a bend of the river around the village of Trémolat, also named Le Cingle de Trémolat. 

If you take a look at the map of France you can see exactly how this place got its name as the river Dordogne meanders around here to continue then his way back through the beautiful countryside.

This particular site in Trémolat is known as difficult, but is highly recommended because of the many heavy carp congregate in this corner. Moreover, night fishing allowed, which of course makes it more interesting for anglers. 


common carp Dordogne river
A beautiful Dordogne rivier common carp (source: Fed Peche Dordogne. )
A multi-day carp session is generally good for an average of 9 to 10 kg weight for carp. The probability of a specimen fish of more than 15 kilo is very likely.

We are not aware of a current carp fishing record for the Dordogne river, but it is known that every year several 25 kg+ carp are being caught on the river, which runs for hundreds of kilometers.

According to local anglers especially common carp are caught a lot, but it is mainly the mirrors are the most spectacular in terms of fighting spirit and ostentation. Other fish on the Dordogne river are barbel, catfish and sturgeon. 

The water is about 200 meters wide with an average depth of three meters in the curvature. The maximum depth of this piece Dordogne river near the town of Trémolat is 10 meters. 

A big plus is that there are very many good sites along the river that can all be reached very well for carp fishing. In the summer there are some protected areas for water sports, which are not available for fishing. That period runs from June / September. There are also many lobsters in certain months, which can eat your bait fanaticly. Also keep in mind when you prepare! 

For the necessary permits and regulations, you can contact the local administrator, in this case the AAPPMA de la Dordogne . It goes without saying that you must have a standard license for public water, which you can order online.
As mentioned before, night fishing is allowed on many parts of the Dordogne river, including the piece near Trémolat. 

The video below shows the Dordogne river near Trémolat from the air.

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