Carp fishing at Lac de Venables near Seine river in France

Lac de France Venales
The 90-hectare Lac de Venables is a wonderful public water with great carp fishing possibilities west of Paris. 

Like many waters in the area this is also a former quarry which is directly linked to the Seine river

This public water provides regularly spectacular catches carp more than 20 kilos.

The Lac de Venables is one of the many quarries that once served to build Paris. Today is a magnificent public water covering an area of 90 hectares. 

The beautiful Lac de Venables is the direct connection to the Seine River, which provides a continuously variable number of carp and of course regularly surprising new big carp catches. 

Most of the carp are caught in Lac de Venables are common carp, with an average catch weight of 7 to 10 kilos. A typical session will result in 20 to 30 carp netted during one weekend of fishing. 

The interesting thing of course is that the carp Lac de Venables continue to move continuously and can move upstream the Seine river. This leads in turn new fish that have never been caught or seen before with of course a great element of surprise.

Carp fishing lac de venables in France
Lac de Venales has an open connection to the Seine (click for detail map)
Specimen carp of 20 kg or more are certainly not an exception. A night fishing session on the spot where the Seine river enters the lake has resulted in the capture of several big carp to over 25 kg in the past few years. We don't know the exact weight of the record fish for this lake but theoretically of course any carp from the Seine river can also be entering Lac de Venables.

The use of a boat is allowed on the Lac Venables which can be made use of the port which is located right next to the point of connection with the Seine (see above). However, the use of a boat is not necessary as all sites are easily accessible and the water is deep everywhere without any real obstacles. On average, the lake has an average depth of approximately 6 meters.

Lac de Venables France
The huge Lac de Venables is highly recommended!
Because the Lac de Venables in connection with the Seine river there is also needed a single so called timbre piscicole 'in addition to standard license to fish public waters in France. Venables is a category 2 water where you can fish during the nights with four rods. 

Also, a small fee is requested to fishermen who want to do a multi-day session on the lake. For a week 52 euros have to be paid to the local administrator. More information, including carp rates, can be found through the website at Lake Harbor.

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