The best carp fishing countries worldwide | Why France is #1 for carp anglers

biggest carp worldwide
Carp fishing is most popular in France with hundreds of paid and public lakes with huge carp.

Carp fishing is more and more popular, even amongst young and new anglers that do anything to hunt for the ultimate specimen, and why not, world record fish. We look at the countries known for the biggest carp and we try to explain why France is the ultimate carp fishing country, known for its many big fish records.

The largest carp in the world are often caught in different countries, but some well-known destinations are known for their large carp populations. Some of these destinations are, apart from France, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Austria and Hungary.

France is very popular with carp anglers due to the presence of large lakes, rivers and canals with an abundance of carp. Well-known waters such as the Lac de Saint-Cassien, the Lac du Der-Chantecoq and the River Lot have earned reputations as top spots for catching big carp. In the fishery space Rainbow Lake is very popular for its huge carp, including several former world records.

The Netherlands is also known for its carp destinations, especially the many waterways and lakes that crisscross the country. The Vinkeveense Plassen and the Biesbosch area are some popular places where carp anglers can catch large specimens. Legendary fish from the past are Joop Butselaar's huge common carp from the year 2000.

The United Kingdom has a long tradition of carp fishing and is home to some of the largest carp waters in Europe. Notable locations include the Redmire Pool, Wraysbury Lake and Linear Fisheries. The UK is home to some true legendary carp with mystical and crazy names such as Captain Jack.

In Thailand, there are some commercial fishing ponds that are known for their huge carp populations. Fishing for catfish and Siamese carp is also popular in Thailand. Siamese carp grow much bigger than 'European' carp but don't look like their European counterparts. Thailand is home to the world record Siamese carp.

Hungary is known for its massive carp from both public and private fishing water. Lake Raduta has long been a top destination for fanatic specimen hunters and the last couple of years the paid fishery Euro Aqua has been very populair, especially since the current world record carp was captured there with a 105 lb specimen.

Also Austria and Germany are known for its many big carp with huge specimen coming from public and paid fisheries such as FZZ See in Austria and one of the best known big carp (and former world record common carp back in 2009) Mary from a secret public water in Germany.


Why France is so popular among carp anglers can be explained by several factors. France has an extensive network of lakes, rivers and canals, providing many different fishing waters to explore. This offers carp anglers a wide choice of venues and the opportunity to experience different environments and fishing conditions.

France has a strong tradition of carp fishing and the fishing community welcomes carp anglers with open arms. There are many well-developed fishing lakes, campsites and facilities geared towards carp anglers, making it a welcoming destination.

And last but not least: France is known for hosting some of the largest carp in the world. The waters in France provide the right conditions for carp to grow big and healthy, which is attractive to anglers looking for trophy fish such as superstar carp Bernadette from St. Cassien.

Many fishing waters in France are surrounded by beautiful scenery and natural beauty. This adds to the country's appeal as a popular destination for carp anglers who want to enjoy not only the fishing, but also the environment.


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